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Enhance your e-commerce experience with the "Bundle Downloadable Products" module. Seamlessly integrate downloadable products into bundles, providing versatile choices for customers. Retain core functionality, enable single/multiple links, and amplify your product offerings.


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Welcome to the revolutionary "Bundle Downloadable Products" module, an extension meticulously designed to elevate the capabilities of your online store. This innovative module seamlessly integrates downloadable products into bundles, unlocking a world of possibilities for both merchants and customers. By retaining the core functionality of both downloadable and bundle products, this extension provides a comprehensive solution that enhances convenience, choice, and user experience.

Front End Features:

  1. Streamlined Downloadable Product Purchase: Elevate customer experience by allowing the seamless purchase of downloadable products with a single link. This intuitive process ensures quick and efficient access to digital content, enhancing user satisfaction.

  2. Multiple Links for Downloadable Products: Offer a dynamic shopping experience by enabling customers to purchase downloadable products with multiple links. Enhance product variety and cater to different content packages, amplifying customer choice.

  3. Downloadable Products in Bundles: The module extends its capabilities by allowing downloadable products with single or multiple links, even those marked "Links can be purchased separately," to be effortlessly added to bundles. Provide versatile bundle options with digital content, enriching your product offerings.

  4. Multiple Downloadable Products in Bundles: Elevate customer choice and satisfaction by including multiple downloadable products, each with single links and "Links can be purchased separately" set to NO, within a single bundle. Deliver tailored content bundles, catering to diverse customer preferences.

Back End Features:

  1. Effortless Enable/Disable Functionality: Empower Magento administrators with complete control over the extension's operation. Seamlessly toggle the module on or off via the backend, aligning its behavior with your strategic business needs.

The "Bundle Downloadable Products" module revolutionizes the way you offer digital content within bundles. Seamlessly integrate downloadable products, uphold core functionality, and provide unparalleled convenience and variety for your customers.


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