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Elevate customer engagement with the "Call to Order" extension – a powerful tool that empowers customers to initiate direct communication about their favorite products. Administrators can efficiently manage inquiries and respond via registered mobile numbers. Enhance your call-center operations and customer satisfaction today!


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Introducing the "Call to Order" extension – a groundbreaking solution designed to elevate your call-center operations and boost customer engagement like never before. With this powerful module, you have the ability to seamlessly transform your website visitors into engaged customers by offering them a convenient way to initiate direct communication with your store's administrator regarding their preferred products. This extension is a game-changer, allowing customers to leave their call information effortlessly, while giving the website administrator the means to promptly respond via the registered mobile number.

Key Features:

Front Office:

  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: The "Call to Order" extension empowers your customers by enabling them to effortlessly submit their contact details through a convenient popup associated with each product.
  • Effortless Call Registration: Customers can easily initiate a call request for any product they're interested in, streamlining the process of inquiry and purchase.

Back Office:

  • Customizable Popups: Tailor the popup experience to match your brand's identity by customizing default window and lightbox popups, ensuring a cohesive user experience.
  • Efficient Client Communication: Configure an email address to receive customer inquiries, ensuring that every question and request is channeled to the right department for prompt response.
  • Centralized Call Management: Gain full control over incoming calls by accessing the Call to Order Report in the admin panel. Here, you can review and manage each call's details, ensuring that every customer inquiry is handled professionally.
  • Maintain Data Hygiene: Easily remove outdated call reports to keep your system clutter-free and ensure efficient call tracking and management.
  • Visual Customization: Tailor the appearance of the popup to match your brand's aesthetic by adjusting popup colors, text, and background to create a visually appealing and engaging experience for your customers.

With the "Call to Order" extension, customer satisfaction takes center stage. Empower your customers to take the initiative, making inquiries and seeking assistance seamlessly. Simultaneously, you'll equip your administrators with the tools they need to efficiently manage inquiries, respond promptly, and enhance the overall customer experience. This extension's email notifications ensure that no inquiry goes unnoticed, promoting seamless communication between customers and administrators. Elevate your call-center operations today with "Call to Order."

Get Started: Visit our website to learn more about the "Call to Order" extension and discover how it can revolutionize your customer engagement strategies. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your call-center into a dynamic hub of customer interaction and service excellence.


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