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Experience enhanced customer interaction with the "Custom Contact Form" extension by ESTS for Magento 2. Streamline message management, receive advanced notifications, and provide prompt responses effortlessly.


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Introducing the "Custom Contact Form" extension by ESTS - a powerful solution designed to enhance the way you manage customer inquiries and requests through a streamlined and feature-rich interface. This Magento extension revolutionizes the contact form experience, making it easier than ever for administrators to handle incoming messages, provide prompt responses, and ensure a seamless customer interaction process.

The native contact form within Magento offers a basic framework for customer communication, but the "Custom Contact Form" extension takes it several steps further. This extension enriches the contact form functionality by introducing advanced notification capabilities that keep administrators informed about every incoming contact, ensuring that no customer query goes unnoticed. Whether it's product inquiries, service requests, or general feedback, our extension ensures that you're always in the loop.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Installation: Getting started is a breeze with our user-friendly installation process, ensuring that you can seamlessly integrate the extension into your Magento 2 store.

  2. Comprehensive Message Management: Gain full control over your customer interactions with a central admin grid that displays all customer messages in one convenient location. No more toggling between emails and platforms – everything you need is right at your fingertips.

  3. Email Integration: Receive customer messages directly in your inbox and respond with ease. Keep track of customer feedback and inquiries without leaving your familiar email environment.

  4. Message Status: Classify and prioritize messages effectively by assigning a status of "read" or "pending." This streamlined approach ensures that no customer concern is left unanswered.

  5. Tailored Departments: Enhance customer satisfaction by allowing them to choose the relevant department for their query. This feature helps route inquiries to the right team, ensuring prompt and accurate responses.

Back End Features:

  1. Seamless Installation: Our extension's intuitive setup process ensures that you can quickly integrate it into your existing Magento 2 infrastructure without hassle.

  2. Customer Message Management: Take charge of customer inquiries with ease, simplifying the process of addressing their needs and concerns.

  3. Centralized Admin Grid: Access all customer messages from a single, organized grid, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple platforms.

  4. Email Correspondence: Engage in customer interactions directly from your email, enhancing your response efficiency and maintaining a personalized touch.

  5. Message Status Control: Admins can effortlessly mark messages as "read" or "pending," enabling effective tracking and follow-up on customer interactions.

Upgrade your customer communication game with the "Custom Contact Form" extension by ESTS. Elevate the way you manage customer interactions, streamline response times, and create a more satisfying experience for both customers and administrators.


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