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Introducing the "Facebook WhatsApp Product Share" Extension - Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Social Media Product Sharing!

In the dynamic realm of online commerce, connecting with potential customers and expanding your brand's reach is paramount. If your business thrives on the Magento platform and you're eager to tap into the immense potential of social media to showcase your products, look no further. Our revolutionary "Facebook WhatsApp Product Share" extension, lovingly known as "FWshare," empowers you to effortlessly broaden your horizons and magnify your product visibility.

In a world where Facebook reigns as the paramount social media giant and WhatsApp boasts the status of the most popular messaging application, we, at ESTS, have curated a cutting-edge solution that harmonizes the power of both platforms. The "FWshare" extension is your secret weapon to foster person-to-person product sharing via Facebook and WhatsApp, allowing your valued customers to seamlessly broadcast your products' URLs far and wide.

Gone are the days of grappling with complex sharing mechanisms. With "FWshare," we've taken simplicity and effectiveness to heart, ensuring that you're just a few clicks away from skyrocketing your product reach. The installation process is a breeze, and once configured, your website will sport the coveted Facebook and WhatsApp Share Buttons on every product page.


Front Office Options:

  • WhatsApp Share Button: Seamlessly integrated into your product pages, this button empowers your customers to instantly share their favorite finds with their WhatsApp contacts.
  • Facebook Share Button: Elevate your products' visibility by incorporating the Facebook Share Button, making sharing on the world's largest social media platform a breeze.

Back Office Options:

Facebook Share Settings:

  • Enable/Disable with Ease: Admins wield full control, effortlessly enabling or disabling the extension according to their strategy.
  • Facebook App ID: Seamlessly integrate your Facebook App ID to ensure smooth operation and traceable interactions.
  • Customize Facebook Layout: Tailor the Facebook Share Button's layout to match your brand's aesthetics, fostering a consistent visual identity.

WhatsApp Share Settings:

  • Effortless Management: Admins retain complete autonomy in enabling or disabling the extension as per their preference.
  • Size Configuration: Tailor the size of the WhatsApp Share Button to seamlessly integrate with your website's design.
  • Text Customization: Personalize the message accompanying the shared product URL, reflecting your brand's voice and resonating with your audience.

Embark on a journey of unrivaled product sharing and audience expansion with "FWshare." Experience the seamless harmony of Magento, Facebook, and WhatsApp, fostering an environment where your products effortlessly traverse the digital landscape, enticing new customers with every share.


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