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Introducing the "Delete Customer Account" extension for Magento 2 – a game-changer in account management. Say farewell to complex procedures and welcome a streamlined solution. This extension empowers customers to effortlessly delete their accounts and manage default addresses within their dashboard. Admins retain control with toggle settings, while easy installation ensures a hassle-free experience. Crafted with compatibility in mind, this user-centric design enhances the customer journey. Revolutionize account control with the Delete Customer Account extension.


Note: Use these details to login

Username: del_customer

Password: del_cus@1234


Comprehensive Account Management Solution

Introducing the revolutionary "Delete Customer Account" extension for Magento 2 – a powerful tool that empowers your customers with seamless control over their account and personal data. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and welcome a streamlined approach to account management.

In the traditional scenario, customers who wish to delete their accounts from your Magento store would have to go through a lengthy process of generating a ticket or requesting the store owner or admin to manually delete their account. This not only adds friction to the customer experience but also demands unnecessary effort on both ends.

Our Delete Customer Account extension is designed to transform this monotonous process into a user-friendly, self-service experience. Customers can now take matters into their own hands and delete their accounts with just a few clicks, without the need for intermediary interactions.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Account Deletion: Enable your customers to delete their accounts at their convenience. By providing a straightforward interface within their dashboard, you empower them to exercise control over their data.
  • Streamlined Default Address Management: Not just limited to account deletion, our extension also grants customers the ability to manage their default addresses seamlessly. Deleting default addresses is now just as simple as adding or modifying them.
  • Admin Control: Administrators have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature from the settings, ensuring that you can tailor its availability to match your business requirements.
  • Easy Installation and Setup: Implementing the Delete Customer Account extension is a breeze. Our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing Magento 2 framework, saving you time and effort during the setup process.
  • Highly Compatible: Built on the foundation of standard Magento code functionality, our extension ensures smooth compatibility with your other existing extensions. Say goodbye to compatibility conflicts.
  • User-Centric Design: Our extension is thoughtfully designed with the user experience in mind. The intuitive interface guides customers through the account deletion process, ensuring a frictionless journey.

Revolutionize the way your customers interact with their accounts. Empower them with the freedom to control their data and make decisions that align with their preferences. Elevate your customer experience with the Delete Customer Account extension for Magento 2.


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