Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. Acceptance of Terms: By using our website and services, users agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

  2. 2. Service/Product Description: We provide IT services and products for Magento, Shopify, Mean, MeRN, and Python. Details can be found on respective product pages.

  3. 3. Payment and Pricing: Prices are listed in USD and subject to change. Payment is required before services or products are delivered.

  4. 4. Refund Policy: We offer a 15-day refund guarantee. Refunds will be issued, and all data and files related to our services or products will be deleted from the customer's PC and website.

  5. 5. Privacy Policy: We value user privacy and handle data in accordance with our privacy policy, available separately.

  6. 6. User Responsibilities: Users are responsible for providing accurate information and ensuring compatibility with their systems.

  7. 7. Intellectual Property: All content and products on our website are protected by copyright. Users may not reproduce or distribute without permission.

  8. 8. Usage Limitations: Our services and products may not be copied or used without our explicit consent, except when purchased through our website.

  9. 9. Support and Maintenance: We offer 3- months of support and maintenance services as specified in individual product or service agreements.

  10. 10. Termination: We reserve the right to terminate services or access to the website for violation of these terms or any applicable laws.
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